Firms and people can change
legal problems remain

Law Office VRBA & PARTNERS provides wide range of legal services to its Slovak and foreign clients and it is ready to provide legal advice to firms or individuals, who pursue or are interested in pursuing their business activities within the market economy of the Slovak Republic.

Lawyers of VRBA & PARTNERS have provided legal services since 2001. They have been engaged in dynamic legal environment of the Slovak Republic as attorneys or financial and bank lawyers. In order to provide clients with high quality services, they have established the law office VRBA & PARTNERS.


Our services

VRBA & PARTNERS offers wide spectrum of legal services:

Business companies

  • establishing all kinds of business companies and their branches
  • agenda of corporate changes
  • merger, split-up and change of company´s legal form
  • transfer of shares in business companies
  • liquidation of business companies and their branches
  • drawing up of legal opinions
  • legal support and advice to the foreign entrepreneurs pursuing their business activity in the Slovak environment
  • representation in proceedings before commercial register, trade register and Central Securities Depositary of the Slovak Republic


  • legal due diligence
  • representing clients in negotiations, cooperation with tax and other professionals
  • advice on transaction financing
  • advice on transaction structure
  • drawing up of relating documentation

Banking and finance

  • drawing up and assessment of loan documentation including participant agreements
  • drawing up and assessment of security agenda
  • legal opinions
  • legal advice on security execution
  • complex financial agenda and representation before National Bank of Slovakia

Real Estate

  • transfer of real estate
  • drawing up of contracts
  • representation in building procedures
  • legal due diligence of rights to the real estate
  • representation in disputes regarding rights to land
  • legal solutions regarding the project financing of real estate transactions


  • legal advice on taxes, dues and other payments to public authorities
  • representation in tax proceedings
  • legal opinions regarding tax matters

Intellectual property

  • drawing up and assessment of license agreements
  • drawing up and assessment of work contracts
  • trade mark and patent registration
  • legal advice on industrial rights

Court proceedings

  • representing clients in adversarial and non-adversarial court proceedings
  • representing clients in arbitrations
  • representing clients in inheritance proceedings
  • representing clients in enforcement proceedings
  • management of receivables, extrajudicial and judicial debts recovery, debt recovery in enforcement, bankruptcy proceedings, restructuring, inheritance proceeding, criminal proceeding and in liquidation of legal entities.

Bankruptcy proceeding and restructuring

  • filing a petition in bankruptcy or restructuring
  • legal advice on discharge of individuals
  • submitting creditors´ claims to bankruptcy procedure or restructuring
  • representing clients in bankruptcy proceedings or restructuring (representing creditors in creditors assembly and creditors´ committee)
  • legal advice to debtors /bankrupt/ in course of bankruptcy proceeding or restructuring

Labor law

  • drawing up of employment contracts and other documents
  • legal opinions
  • legal advice to employers and employees
  • representing clients in court proceedings
  • legal advice in relation with discrimination

Family law

  • representing in adoption proceeding
  • legal advice on and representing in divorce proceeding
  • drawing up and assessment of contracts regarding settlement of tenancy by entirety
  • legal advice on and representing clients in enforcement of rights regarding maintenance obligations
  • legal advice on matters regarding contact of parents with minors
  • recognition and enforcement of decisions regarding family matters


  • drawing up and assessment of civil contracts (purchase agreement, deed of donation, loan agreements, security agreements etc.)
  • drawing up and assessment of facility and loan contracts
  • drawing up and assessment of intercompany agreements

Public sector

  • Services of the authorised person in the process of registration of the public sector partners with the Register of public sector partners, according to Act No. 315/2016 Coll

Our senior partners

JUDr. Branko Vrba


Mr. Vrba focuses mainly on civil and commercial law with emphasis on corporate law, property law and receivable management.

JUDr. Branko Vrba provides legal advice mainly on civil and commercial law with emphasis on corporate law, property law and receivable management. He has gained experience in advising developers and investors on acquisition projects and subsequent complex legal service in connection with realization of client´s investment. JUDr. Branko Vrba is responsible for collective as well as individual debt recovery, and represents clients in bankruptcy proceeding. He personally attends the most important court proceedings, in which the law office represents its clients. Mr. Vrba provides legal services in Slovak and English language. Since 2001 he is a member of the Slovak Bar Association.

Direct contact:
Phone no.: +421 903 221 711

JUDr. Pavol Urbanič


Focuses on commercial, banking and financial law with emphasis on project financing and property financing.

JUDr. Pavol Urbanič had worked for Tatra banka, a.s., Division of corporate banking for almost 7 years as the senior lawyer. He was responsible for legal service regarding project financing, property financing, corporate financing and standard credit financing. Mr. Urbanič had participated in important court proceedings of the bank and bank business deals. At the end of his bank career he had participated in development of new products for corporate financing. He benefits from this experience and provides legal advice on banking and finance law to the Slovak and foreign clients. As the attorney he participated in many significant real estate acquisition projects. Within the scope of his practice falls provision of legal advice to banks and branches of the foreign banks in relation with their business activities, mainly on project financing and proper setting of securities. Mr. Urbanič provides legal services in Slovak, English and French language. Since 2006 he is a member of the Slovak Bar Association.

Direct contact:



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